Modulowo® Explore™ E for Intel® Edison

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Modulowo® Explore™ E is the development kit, breakout board for Intel® Edison Compute Module (with dual-core Intel® Atom™, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE), designed for easy development of Internet of Things projects (IoT), compatible with Arduino*, Linux, C, C ++, Python, and JavaScript.

Board enables easy extension of compute module with additional modules, such as sensors, touch switches, motor controllers and LED drivers, communication modules, GPS and much more. Modulowo® Explore™ E can be used to learn programming, education, prototyping and production of new solutions.

Modulowo® Explore E™ includes a connector for Intel® Edison platform, two Modulowo® duoNECT™ connectors for expansion modules – Modulowo® Explore™, GPIO, SPI, UART and I2C interfaces connectors, two micro USB (USB OTG and USB/UART converter), 12-bit Analog-to-digital converter (optional 16-bit) for measuring analog signals, voltage logic level translators (tolerates +3,3V/+5V signals), battery charger (only for Intel ® Edison) and connector for additional power supply for expansion modules.

Note! V_SEL +3.3V/+5V jumper to select of supply voltage and digital signals. Standard setting is + 3.3V.

Not include Intel Edison platform.

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Modulowo® DuoNect™ Solution

Modulowo® DuoNect™ solution allows quick and easy connection of extension modules for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel® Edison, STM32 Nucleo, Atmel Xplained, TI LaunchPad, Freescale Freedom and other platforms.



  • connector for Intel® Edison, characterized by:
    - Dual-core Intel® Atom
    - Single-core microcontroller
    - WiFi*
    - Bluetooth* Low-Energy (BLE) 4.0
    - RAM 1 GB
    - 4GB flash memory
  • two connectors Modulowo® DuoNectTM for expansion modules
  • 16 GPIO pins (2.54 mm pitch)
  • additional connectors communication interfaces (2.54 mm pitch)
    - 4 x I2C
    - 1 x UART
    - 1 x SPI
  • 2 micro USB connector, including USB OTG
  • 4 analog channels of 12-bit (supported by the ADS1015 ADC with I2C address SMD jumper)
  • logic level jumper +3.3V/+5V
  • power from the micro USB connector
  • Battery Charger (Li-Ion, Li-Polymer) only for Intel® Edison, MCP73831
  • USB/UART converter for serial communication with compute module
  • translators of logic levels + 3.3V/+5V
  • +3.3V 500mA voltage regulator for expansion modules
  • pin current limit: 10 mA each
  • dimensions: ~ 88.5 x 60.0 mm
  • RoHS


  • Modulowo MOD-76
  • 0.1" (2.54 mm) pin headers


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